PROMIND Capital supports real estate investment, development and finance businesses to maximise the potential of their best existing asset, their human capital.


People performance in real estate.

In this Covid-response era, it is more important than ever for the real estate industry to maintain momentum in the marketplace. PROMIND Capital supports real estate investment, development and finance businesses to maximise the potential of their best existing asset, their human capital. 

We are a specialist provider of real estate people development and productivity in real estate businesses. We increase output and improve financial performance by facilitating a more effective, skilled, focussed and engaged workforce.  By focussing on bespoke individual needs, our high-impact approach delivers results quickly, both to the individual and the bottom line.  

Individuals are coached to think and therefore act more effectively. This increases their contribution and improves core business returns.  The incremental output can be exponential, yet deliverable at comparatively minimal cost.  

How does it work?

How does it work?

Traditionally, real estate businesses have underinvested in people development. Human Resources or Learning & Development teams often struggle to make their training content appealing, relevant or well-attended.  All too often well-meant and expensive efforts end up in the bottom drawer or deleted items. We exist to provide real estate businesses with an alternative approach to delivering through people. Our bespoke content is highly relevant and effective, tailored to your individuals. This makes our approach well-received, cost efficient, and one which delivers tangible and lasting results.

As each person moves closer to fulfilling their potential, teams become more cohesive, divisions become collaborative and overall financial performance improves. And because we focus on individual needs, our involvement complements any existing leadership development training. We combine a deep understanding of real estate fundamentals with performance and communication psychology. This delivers a unique investment in your people, which pays dividends at every level.

At the outset, we work alongside a business to establish their people needs and how best to deliver these.  Whilst there can be common themes, the way in which we can best support each business and person is always unique to their needs.  We invest the time and consideration necessary to facilitate this efficiently, and in such a way that it is welcomed by everyone involved.


Examples of how we have supported businesses include:

Exec level bespoke coaching

Feedback exercises

Skills-specific coaching for leadership development

Personal profiling to improve understanding and effective communication

Critical friend – available and accessible involvement

Coaching programmes for specific populations


Our clients tell us that benefits for the business and its people arise from:

Higher client satisfaction

Higher productivity

Better working relationships

Increased accountability

Clear career progression

Organic growth

People retention

Increased revenue

Better process efficiencies

Better strategic execution

Services we offer

Services we offer:

Bespoke coaching programme design and delivery

Leadership coaching (one-to-one and small groups)

Emerging talent / future leaders coaching (one-to-one and small groups)

Team coaching – establishing strategy, objectives and collaboration / business plan implementation

Skills-based coaching / workshops (one-to-one and small groups)

Psychometric reporting – e.g. behaviour preferences / leadership potential for individuals and small teams

The subject matter of any bespoke personal development is of course extremely varied but is often driven by self-awareness, skills-specific coaching, visionary leadership and business leadership.


Communication style


Managing emotions

Motivating self

Skills and capabilities:

Managing priorities


Team management

Business knowledge

Visionary leadership:

Understanding others

Developing others

Inspiring trust and commitment

Managing relationships

Business Leadership:

Influencing strategy

Managing complexity

Organisational awareness

Managing change

For who?

Who is suitable for coaching?

To bring about maximum benefit resulting in the highest revenue generation and/or maximum effectiveness, these populations often comprise:

Leadership teams

High achievers

Emerging talent

Subsector specialists

New key hires

New to role talent

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